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Trends for Business Cards in 2023: 12 Design Ideas New business card design trends to watch out for in 2023.



The biggest trends in graphic desig...
The biggest trends in graphic design for 2022 as predicted by leading creatives

Having a business card is still one of the most effective methods to advertise yourself and your company. Making the most of every chance begins with this mindset. A favourable first impression might lead to a commercial partnership if you hand out a business card. And the design of your business card tells a lot about your services, your company, and the distinctive features that make you stand out from the crowd.
Instead of being “cards,” they’re more like portable advertising with pre-installed calls to action, which is why they’re so popular today. Investing in a better design for your business cards can pay dividends in the long run. Brands are experimenting with explosive new designs as the new year dawns, redefining the capabilities of those small rectangles. We hope these 12 business card trends for 2023 will help you stand out from the crowd as a contemporary and cutting-edge professional.

To an experienced company owner, the business card is more than just a plain piece of paper. With a basic call-to-action message, it functions more like a mini-billboard for advertising your company on the go.

It’s an essential aspect of your total entrepreneurial presence since it’s an essential part of your company and brand.

As a result, enhancing the look of your business cards may have a positive impact on the overall image of your company.

Businesses are already experimenting with cutting-edge design concepts for business cards as the year 2023 begins, bringing new standards for these pocket advertising that can be carried about with you everywhere you go.

Let’s not go on like this any longer. Learn about the newest business card designs that strive to redefine 2023 with cutting-edge solutions and a professional appearance.

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1. Cards that Talk Back

It’s been a while since the days when a business card was just a business card. According to recent design trends, a few of the most recent designs have taken on an increasingly “chatty” appearance.

Transparent business card /plastic business cardBusiness card DesignFollow

As more and more companies strive for more tailored customer experiences, it seems as if this is a logical next step.

It’s a design approach that can be used to more formal businesses as well since it highlights the human element of any company. The primary aim behind this trend is to seem more accessible and friendly.

Business cardKalina ilievaFollow

Entrepreneurs merely need to be cautious and not go crazy with the chit-chat with this new trend. The impression and believability of a brand might be harmed by excessive filler.

Don’t forget to match your tone with the font and colour scheme you select.

2. Anti-Credit Card

Designers aren’t afraid to defy accepted wisdom, convention, and tradition in the pursuit of new ideas and concepts.

Creative studio business card design
Veronika Creates

One of these movements is the anti-card, and we have to give it credit for the way it’s coming out.

MalevichBank LandingpageAnastasiia BibeFollow

This is just a list of cards that aren’t. When they don’t say anything at all, they create an impression. The irony is on one side, and the recognition is on the other, a double-edged sword.

3. Even so, the end product is a work of art.

My business cardsAlevtina Khabibova

They’re usually based on a joke about the business you work in or a self-referential reference.

Business CardHuda Design

A wonderful method to connect with those who “get the joke” about anti-cards is to acknowledge their ridiculousness, and by doing so, you’ll gain the trust of customers who are thinking beyond the box.

It’s also a fun way to inject a little lightheartedness into an otherwise sombre workplace.

4. Observation and Inference

Business card
Tory Zubovich

If you’re not a fan of anti-cards, you may use a combination of design components and other text elements.

Designer Business CardMultiple Owners 
Follow All

You may still make a statement and seem more professional with this amazing design trend for 2023 than with self-referential humour.

5. Business cards made from recycled materials

vertical business cardRabiul Islam Biplob

Companies that appreciate the environment and are environmentally conscious often use more sustainable materials when printing their business cards. It’s a well-known fact that the majority of business cards get thrown away. Sustainable business cards save waste and make a great message.

Business card designAbdou Touhami

Cork, recycled paper, and seeded paper are all viable options for eco-friendly business cards. There is no need to modify the design of your business card in order to begin utilising environmentally friendly materials. It’s easy to print your business cards on environmentally friendly material.

6. Business cards that may be used for several purposes

A business card can be useful, and who says it can’t be? You may encourage your contacts to retain your business card by giving them another purpose for it. When your clients use it, they’ll always be reminded of your services.

Business cardKarmo designs

Making a business card that serves both your and your contacts’ needs is easy thanks to the plethora of options available. Branded pens and other office supplies are common. Even so, why not think outside of the box a bit more?

Personal Business CardsMarina CardosoFollow

Make your business cards become multi-tools, seed packets, or even a coaster by printing them on a business card. An outstanding multi-purpose business card is created by using a design that accurately expresses your company’s beliefs and services while also being relevant to your intended audience.

8. Hand-painted business cards


In order to develop a strong brand and increase sales, digital relationships are vital. Textured business cards, on the other hand, provide clients with a tactile experience that LinkedIn messages do not.
To some extent, we’ve forgotten how to use our hands in this digital age. Our reliance on face-to-face interactions has waned as a result of our propensity for perusing product descriptions and watching movies online. As a result of the tactile nature of raised writing and embossed details, our memories are etched into our brains for years to come.

Business card illustratedAnastasia Licciardello

Your business card design might also feature raised patterns and funny forms. If the texture is attractive and attention-grabbing, it doesn’t matter what shapes or patterns you choose.

9. Business cards that may be accessed easily

Business cardLita Sarker

In 2023, companies will focus on inclusion as a central issue. Companies must share and promote the importance of principles such as inclusion, equality, and diversity. Having accessible business cards demonstrates to potential customers and clients that your company is forward-thinking and adaptable. As a result, you’ll be able to attract more customers and raise awareness for a worthy cause.

Business CardFari Shah

One of the most common impairments in the world is visual impairment. It is possible to reach a hitherto untapped market by designing business cards with people who are blind in mind. The process of selecting accessible features for your business card is simpler than you think.
People who are blind may benefit from using braille on their business cards, and those with other types of visual impairments may benefit from using a bigger font size. To make things simpler for persons who are colourblind, you may also avoid particular colour combinations.

10. Modern-day modernism

At least on business cards, modernist design trends of the 1950s and ’60s are making a return. 

FlowBank, Swiss TradingKAREN KAPRANOV

To put it simply, the design components are ideal for business cards since they are eye-catching, easy to read, and memorable.

Instagram card | Business CardRating Designs

Form follows function, or graphics stress the logical purpose of their subject—in this example, business cards—over artistic expression. The modernist design adheres to these principles. 

This year’s business card trends include primary colours, simple designs like circles and triangles, and tight grids like Menchu’s example below. 

Fonts of this style are known for their strong, sans serif typefaces that work well on little cards.

11. Extensions to the pattern

In 2023, we’ll be seeing a lot more patterned line art on business cards than we have in the past. 

Business Card Design TemplateTH Ridoy

The accountant you met just now looks like he’s giving you a piece of Joy Division cover art.

This trend in business cards deviates from the norm, as have a few of our others. 

Business Card DesignMultiple Owners 

Line art, particularly the erratic and chaotic ones placed against black backgrounds, has an underlying edginess that is both nostalgic and current. 

Curves, as in the Monochromatic Institute example, or bright colours, as in the Kevin Craft example, might moderate this impression for more conventional enterprises.

12. The radiance of softie styles

Mathematical cardsKarina Fairushina

Pop art from the 1970s is generally connected with bubble letters, which were popularised by the work of famed graffiti artist Phase 2. These typefaces, formerly known as softie styles, are hot this year thanks to certain stylistic tweaks and their blazingly vivid colours. In comparison to bubble letters of the past, the new generation is much more rigid. For whatever reason, softie fashions now have a lot more straight lines and sharp edges compared to their 1970s ancestors, which may have been influenced by the minimalist trend that began in 2010.

In spite of this, the large typography nevertheless shines out, emphasising keywords and making small-scale cards easier to read. With brilliant hues, they provide a vintage or nostalgic vibe in designs that combine old and modern.

This is a little sample of your personality

However, business cards can accomplish so much more than the very minimal need of making it simple for people to get in touch with you. You may use your business card as a powerful branding tool, particularly if it’s your initial impression of a potential customer.

As long as you’re not going overboard with the newest business card trends, you’re not doing yourself any favours. Choose trends that are consistent with your brand’s values. It’s up to you: Do you like retro-techno line art or brightly-coloured letters? A person’s character may be gleaned from the design choices they choose for their business cards.

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