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Astrology design: how to design for astrology brands



Astrology design is hotter right now than Leo’s love affair. Everyone is finding ways of better understanding themselves through their birth charts. No surprise the astrology sector is currently growing, leading to hundreds of lovely designs in astrology.

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The number of astrological companies that contract creative work on designs, from spiritual consultancy to podcasts, apps, books and more, has grown by 209% in 2015 and climbed dramatically by 127% over the last 12 months.

You’re part of the astrological revolution and now, if you’re a brand of astrology (or even adjoining astrology), the stars have a great line-up for you to achieve a fantastic new design. Learn here how to get the most out of it.

What is the subject of astrology?

Astrology is a study of the impact on human lives of distant cosmic objects, mainly stars and planets. The sun, stars, moons and planets (not their conception) shapes their personalities at the time of their birth, influences their amorous relations, and anticipates their economical fortunes and other divinations.

The “sign,” which refers to one of the 12 zodiac constellations, is the most commonly known astrologer. This is a kind of astrology for sun signs that is based on the astrology of the journal horoscopes. Probably the simplest way to build a sun-sign horoscope is because nothing more than a birthdate is necessary. Many astrologers will tell you how simple this kind of astrology provides extremely restricted results.

In order to provide a more precise lecture, astrologers search for signs at birth on each planet. The planets and the signs combine to produce a complex and very often extremely detailed profile of the personality, life and future prospects of a subject with other factors such as houses and angles.

There is no unifying astrological theory or practice. Old cultures all exercised their own forms, some of which merged and developed into the common Western astrology of today. Eastern civilizations continue to practise their own kind of astrology: the most well-known are Chinese, Vedic and Tibetan astrology.

What type of astrological brands are involved?

While many individuals consider it to be personal, astrology is an industry. Astrologers track the sky to inform the world about how much Mercury retrogrades, web sites then publish those reports so that the rest of us can begin to see what all these means and new ages sell crystals, tarot cards, and coloured candles so that they can support the different signs and applications.

The industry of astrology is vast and comprises:

Books: Books (and publishers)
Shops of a new era
Astrologer apps for clothing and jewellery
Channels on Youtube

Astrological brands in other lifestyle businesses have much in common with brands. Their consumers tend to be people who want to be up to date, balance and have a more thoughtful approach to their everyday life. Self-expression, companies that treat people as individuals are very important to Millennials and Gen Z, rather than delivering cookie-cutters solutions and services.

Have a dream

Part of the science, part of the art is astrology. Simple, fluid and sometimes more important than concrete facts are interpretations. Mixed, pastel colours, rounded formats and illustrated images are great means of demonstrating the peaceful, cool and introspective life of your astrological brand.

If your brand is a pot, you may choose a dreamy and soft design, but if it is no pot, it doesn’t indicate that it is not dreamy. Any brand that looks peaceful, starry and felt may look awesome in dreamy colours and flowing lines.

Why does astrology revive in design?

As the psychological attractions and access to social media have re-discovered astrology many millennials, why is astrological design so revival?

Recent reports have shown that Americans pay $2.2 billion per year on “mystical services,” including palm, tarot, and astrological services. Investors, in particular, support the trend and recognise its attraction to women. The Co-Star Astrology app, which has six million downloads, is 80% feminine and has an average age of 24.

In the Co-Star astrology app, design plays a modest, yet important impact. Minimal monochromatic images and a beautiful serif text show how serious astrology is. A long way from the horoscope column of a magazine.

For brands astrology, but without the label of organised religion, has a profit motive as a broadly followed trend. That example, if you use a crucifix in a product line you run the danger of religious backlashing. For some, astrology is a lifestyle. But it gives a little escape and imagination to others. You may be a devoted viewer of charts and signs but can buy a book with cookies that help you measure your cat’s astrological characteristics.

In addition to the cold stone of commercialism, astrology appeals to creatives and a growing number of designers and artists are trying to inspire the stars. Astrology has an ever-present romanticism and ethereal character with its rich history and its lyrical narrative. So this varied world of zodiacs, myths and sophisticated, gorgeous charts provides infinite fresh inspiration to creative brains.

Millennial designers are supporters of astrological design, they explore and build an old spiritual world that social media may communicate. The increase in astrological design is headed mostly by young female creators, who are electrified by long-standing connotations of astrology with the feminine and who draw on their analogies to witchcraft, palm and paganism.

Astrological design

Half science and half art is commonly described as astrology. Any discipline that best matches your business temperament can be used. You may want to err towards “scientific” astrological components if you run a fitness and nutrition programme based on your client’s sign.

However, you might also wish to integrate more dreamlike parts of your trade by running the monthly self-care subscription box service which tailors the material into the customer’s horoscope.

You can look inside with the design of your logo to describe your business features. You have several materials to select from when you prepare for an astrologically oriented company.

The majority of signs are allocated certain colours, flowers and other features. With a strong crescent moon on a dark blue backdrop, or complex and classical with numerous allusions in logo astrology and vibrant colours, make your symbol simple and modern.

Water Elements Odiac Design Styles

The water elements are some of the most inventive zodiac signs. They are very perceptive, sensitive, creative, sympathetic and genuinely loving. The water element is calming and typically draws healers. They are also sometimes extremely gloomy, therefore design elements that calm and relax are essential.

T-shirt designs for astrology

What about a stylish T-shirt, or a zodiac to show off with others, with your favourite astrological design. Create a fantastic astrological t-shirt with simple design templates which have honestly done everything for you. You have to do everything you have to do is make a few adjustments!


You are looking for a distinctive logo design for astrology? Your go-to is Unitmask! Various astrologers and horoscope logos have been carried out. If you want to establish a brand, you may merely find this customisable typeface. Check out our prior work below and let us know now whether we can produce for you the ideal thing!

Take advantage of other practise

Astrology is one of many philosophical disciplines that may be studied in order to understand yourself and the world better. As an astrological brand, your audience is likely to become involved with things like tarot, crystals, chakras and “witchy” topics. Use the aspects of your other hobbies in your design.

For instance, a large logo for a new age business may include a picture of the Magician tarot card with the sign of the zodiac forming a circle contour around it.

A design using components in different metaphysical fields might demonstrate that you have a wide range to offer.

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