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12 exciting book cover design trends for 2022

book cover design trends for 2022

book cover design trends for 2022

In book cover design trends we are at a critical moment—no it’s no longer a matter of commerce. The basic laws of book design certainly still apply—covers must be clear, readable and fit for the category all while revealing a mystery that will tempt the future reader to pick it up.

Moreover, though, book designers push limits and violate conventions, producing fascinating and subversive covers to be a real pleasure.

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Everybody’s out now, from the humorous and sarcastic coverings to the audacious covering that grabs you with the lapels at first sight. Read more to see the book covering trends in 2022, about which we are most enthusiastic!

1. Book coverage of distinctive kind (book cover design)

In recent years there have been a few bold, readable serifs in every genre in the design of book covers. They were readable and audacious, yet they felt a bit hollow and uncharacteristic. As a result, very unique typefaces have been created in the last year and we can anticipate that trend continues well beyond 2022. Retro-escalates are expected to harness both the 70s and 80s and others that strain readability boundaries (see: Homecoming of Baron Wenckheim) but are far from overlookable.

2. Carefully illustrated books (book cover design)

While illustrated covers have been in use for years, the illustrations in recent years have always been hefty and influenced by the big illustrators of the mid-century. Whereas these forms continue in circulation, we begin to see lighter styles of illustration appear — like Ghost Wall’s delicate floral skull. We notice a creeping reappearance of the line art as well. To create a contemporary look, Matisse and Picasso’s drawings are blended with usual treatments.

3. Messianic designs (book cover design)

Though minimalist designs govern the world of book covers, certain chaotic designs we may still witness. Book covers in bookshops are already available. A chaotic design contains design items strewn over the book cover. The typeface from top to bottom of the cover is therefore used.

But a chaotic combination of bold and tiny typefaces will be available at the same time. Between the text pictures and other things may also be seen. A book cover is purposely given such a complicated design that it seems distinctive, peculiar and unforgettable.

4. Silhouettes laid out (book cover design)

This one is really special, one I adore since you always have to ask… why? When it comes to repeating facial silhouettes, why is it so appealing? I’m not sure, but these repeated optical illusions and topics seem to have been here for some time.

5. Images of Natural book cover design

We observed a rise in the natural component of book cover design when we looked at trends for 2022.

Since indoor activities were hazardous and cancelled, people were open and relaxed with nature.

This is why we see a rise in book covers of natural elements?

We couldn’t be sure.

We know that the book cover design in 2021 is extremely popular with leaves, trees, flora, grasses, wetlands, seas, rivers, lakes, hills, animals, etc.

And this tendency should only continue naturally.

In any case, like any design development trend, it is excellent to include birds, habeas, mountains and trees only if it suits your book thematically.

This is a pretty adaptable trend since you have to pick the whole nature. Work with your designer to select the components that best express the themes, narrative or configuration of your book.

Alternatively, if Mother Nature does not match your novel well, follow that pattern.

6. The shape may be turned heads book cover design

Oh, silhouette. Oh, silhouette. It is so omnipresent on the covers for a reason: it is quite efficient to capture the attention of the reader. Who’dn’t look at a dark person and go, “Who’s That?”

After all of this is said and done, the silhouette may be seen as a victim of its own success. It is so ubiquitous that it might be difficult nowadays to make it original. The success of designers frequently opposes the cover typography (like the one of David Nicholls) or makes a very compelling silhouette itself (like Han Kang’s The Vegetarian).

7. Hand painted cover adds a personal feeling

We are suckers for uniqueness, a field which is surely covered by hand-illustrated coverings. From the gentleness of Rainbow Rowell’s artwork in Eleanor & Park to its magnificent intricacy, hand-drawn coverings are so flexible that they are available in almost every genre. Not to mention how designers may add this particular touch! Where else can you get a cover with Gatsby’s “Y” as the wine glass??

8. Display images with icons and graphics

Many kinds of images exist. Photographs and illustrations, photographs, graphs and icons are one. Each media has its power in transmitting specific messages, but let’s speak about visuals and symbols.

The digital imaging choices work well towards producing modern, simple patterns and may simply be modified for uniformity in their size and colour. See the book Robot Thinking – the entire cover is made up of four symbols and a figure. In addition to the title and the author, it creates an unbelievable composition and illustrates clearly what the book provides.

9. The jokes and loveliness make children’s books attractive

Obviously, this depends on the illustrations in your children’s book! We strongly suggest you to attend this online course in producing a children’s book if you want to discover more about the process of illustrating back scenes.

10. Contrast gives the excitement

In doubt, recall the Thriller of Michael Jackson: dark, gloomy and tragic. This is the atmosphere to be created by the cover for a thriller. They like to keep to a dark, contrasting colour template in this respect. The type is more frequently than unpredictable so that books appear current, advanced and, more than anything, interesting.

Why not visit the Reedsy Book Cover Art Gallery, if you’d want even more inspiration, for excellent samples of the work done today by freelance artists.

11. Creative book covering photography

The integrating of photography into the book covers might be a demanding feature. It might lose its effect in combination with the type even if it starts with a great picture. Recently, though, designers have begun testing innovative methods to show pictures.

Against the standards of design, this topic can be concealed or produced completely in white space, like Melissa Broder’s The Pisces. Designers have been especially keen in the field of nonfiction writing (although picture covers are regarded as the standard). The Red X on the Unwanted and black backdrop on the Say Nothing covers are all about evoking the IRA’s black face masks.

Take a closer look at photography throughout 2022 on book covers – this is one of the most interesting trends to see.

12. Manual pencil typefaces in book covers

The hand-written typeface was a rage in most of 2010, but what’s popular is changing with time like any other trend. Although gorgeous handwritten calligraphical scripts were enormous a few years ago, a wave of more “human” handwriting would appear in 2022. As a result, more readers can relate to the cover immediately when these qualities are transformed into a light pen or pencil.

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