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14 eCommerce design trends for 2022 to captivate your customers

14 ecommerce design trends for 2020

14 ecommerce design trends for 2020

It is a continuous evolution in online buying behaviors, therefore there is no surprise that trends in eCommerce design evolve along with them.The newest trends of e-commerce design in 2022 are focused on advanced VR and Artificial Intelligence technologies as well as innovative marketing tactics that make the many contemporary gadgets more individual and user-friendlike.

Check our list of major trends in eCommerce design 2022 for some of our fantastic web design advice on branding, packaging, and eCommerce. This is what people today want and expect from internet purchasing.

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1. Product pictures motion

In the short term, 2022 eCommerce design trends start with movement design and utilize more complex graphics. This indicates that less static and dynamic pictures are moving. More films, movies, animation, and micro-interactions are being examined.

We have seen such components of motion design utilized little in the past, but the most commonly used technology is current technology. E-commerce sites rely more on them than on attention, among other sectors.

Motion in e-commerce design has several practical advantages, excellent for presenting more realistic items. As the example of Alo Yoga above shows, motion design provides buyers a greater feeling of what they are buying, enhances conversion, and decreases returns by providing consumers with more information.

2. The grid designs are not usual

For years, eCommerce has dominated the square grid layout (imagine the never-ending thumbnails scroll by Amazon). Strict rows and columns of identical goods make surfing simpler and work for responsive design. Everything is organized. But experimentation with various layouts pays off for some businesses, resulting in more and more online shops springing from the grid car.

Why is it that a uniform grid pattern is abandoned? One thing, because this type of design is still very much in a minority, you’ll stand out. But it also offers your company an elegant and current look, particularly helpful for trendy or youthful sectors.

If you design your site correctly, you may also focus more on particular items, such as highlighting bestsellers strategically, without calling them out in an open manner.

One thing that is a warning: for companies with a very restricted product variety, this eCommerce design style works well. This layout might take up too much space in screens and become confusing for buyers when you offer a lot of items. Try to mix the size of product cards like Dôen above for the advantage of alternative grids without going all in.

3. Illustrations by hand drawings

Over the years, Illustrations have seen several modifications. The past many years have seen widespread trends in vector drawings and customized character illustrations. In 2022, images take the shape of hand-drawn drawings more humanely.

The websites of famous websites like Mailchimp are decorated with black and white graphics. They may successfully catch users’ attention with simple and attractive graphics. These artistic graphics display ingenuity, give a distinctive touch, and bring people back to the times of print media in black and white.

4. Many images in one panorama

An innovative web development trend for 2022 is showing product pictures in one single view mainly on e-commerce platforms. This also seeks to improve the usability of a design, much as other UX design trends do.

Product pictures have traditionally been shown in a carousel style. To view different product views, users had to click next and could not see numerous views concurrently. The new design trend addresses these problems by enabling consumers to examine numerous product pictures in one view.

This provides shoppers with great ease from the point of view of usage. This concept is extensively used by famous e-commerce shops such as IKEA, Myntra, H&M., etc.

5. Distinction personalization

We realize that tailored user suggestions have become part of the user experience. Brands usually analyze the history of customers to generate a personalized tone. In 2022, we shall witness a novel kind of customization.

It includes providing consumers with additional control to customize the interface according to their preferences. Users may choose between the dark and the light settings, select themes, check movements, etc. It will indeed inspire people to design an interface that represents their individuality and is unique to them.

Here is an example from a website where you may select between dark and bright modes as you like.

6. Backfits

Colors and typeface influenced by vintage have a lasting strength. The style and creativity of retro typefaces are a great deal varied. Retro typefaces may give flavor to any site layout ranging from cliché and trope to bold and gorgeous.

Use font style and size variations. Floating components, larger typography, and layering overlap the visual designs. Experiment to communicate your thoughts without limitations and overwhelming visitors to your website with the greatest flexibility. US Scraps, New York Moon, the Cuban Council are wonderful examples of a stylish and current spin to bold vintage typefaces which blend contemporary pictures with traditional components.

These stylish vintage fonts are one of the top trends for web design for 2022.

7. Simply go on the colours

A very important stage in web construction is the choice of a correct color pallet. This generally represents a large part of the website’s original look and can select whether or not the user decides to explore the site further. Many websites utilize strong and vivid colors, which in many situations may succeed. But when individuals start to spend more and more time on the internet, it may be a problem.

Screens may be very damaging to the eyes for longer time periods and this must be considered during the initial design. So, what’s the best method to do it? Many sites feature more easy-to-use, mute colors, as demonstrated by websites such as

8. This is everything about 3D

3D has been used extensively in Web design and is one of the finest methods to demonstrate innovation. 3D technology is already available everywhere around, and websites are no exception. So what is wonderful about 3D graphics? So? Well, you have to give something eye-catching to capture your customers. How can this be done better than 3D?

You may display many elements or simply one item in 3d but remember that you have to be distinctive to differentiate your website from the others. A website with a 3D element that certainly turns its heads is a good example of a Le-voyage-Nazarian:

9. Ideal for mobile applications

Most website traffic is provided by mobile devices. Actually, 65% of all e-commerce and 53% of sales are accounted for by mobiles.

To satisfy the demand, websites for e-commerce are easier to use. Many internet dealers concentrate their attention on designs that seem excellent on several platforms, such as smartphones and tablets.

This tendency should not lose any meaning. It’s more crucial, instead.

BigCommerce facilitates the design of a site that is mobile-friendly. The platform displays how your design appears on desktops and smartphones as you move through the design process. It is then possible to modify until the appearance as presented on both devices is satisfactory.

10. Shipment crates branded

There is never a thumbnail rule for branding. Although many enterprises realize how important branding is on product packages, there is a sometimes neglected blank slate for branding in online retailers and subscription services: the delivery box itself.

Custom shipment and shipping boxes boost your brand and inspire customers to be more enthusiastic about delivery and loyalty. This is an opportunity to publicize your particular functions, your website, social media, or even your brand colors. Some firms also use environment-friendly boxes and packaging for an additional milestone.

11. Cart Design for eCommerce

One of the main components of the website is the shopping cart. When talking about the icon design of the shopping cart, the image might be traditional or more imaginative.

The design of the shopping cart page should be taken into account. The appropriate technique is to show the shopping basket without reloading a page in the pop-up or sidebar. This allows the consumer to shop without interruptions.

The shopping cart should convey the information needed to delete the goods from the cart and/or to increase the number of items selected, transport cost, subtotal and total price, promotional code capability, and the go-to-check-out button. the shopping cart should also include all necessary information. Our focus on the purchasing process should be on the shopping basket, with only minimum elements.

Let’s look at the shopping basket of the Prime Ambassador. They provide all the necessary information and utilize a clever trick: they propose supplemental items to boost sales and immediately offer many payment choices in the shopping cart.

12. Back to Simpleness

Simple and minimal designs disappear no quickly on the other side of the over-interactive online shop.

Sometimes less is more, and a clean and uncomplicated design can’t go wrong. See how Beats by Dre employ simple text and imaging to create a compelling visual experience.

A minimalist appearance usually includes a lot of space, neutral hues, and brighter emphases, wherever the attention of the user is to be focused.

It’s more like a basic visual that doesn’t have vivid colors and images.

13. Pops of Color

More pastels and colors might be expected to brighten austere designs.

When we get out of what was a very somber period (pandemics and all that stuff), companies probably will choose to shine better to reflect a better customer feeling.

Whilst Myro utilizes a fresh, buzzing green to distinguish her items, they did so at the price of the CTA button (which is all but camouflaged against the backdrop).

Remember to utilize contrasting colors to develop your key pieces for the greatest experience and the highest conversion rates.

14. Social media postings for shopping

As discussed in our digital marketing trends for 2022, social media networks make direct sales via posts easier. UX’s good guideline is that clients do as little effort as possible, therefore it is easy to allow them to make a transaction without ever leaving their preferred social media site.

The advantage of direct sales on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat is clear: these visual media are ideally designed for online buying. This is also being realized on the social media platforms themselves and new features are being developed for e-commerce shops.

The promotion of such postings on your website is also on the rise. The example from Moe’s (above) “preview” your Instagram shopping stream on their homepage. While shoppable Social Media’s posts boost sales between followers, publishing such content on your website also motivates loyal consumers in social media to follow you.

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