FAQs for contributors

Read this before sending us any materials, whether you're already a contributor or just thinking about applying to work with us.

Let's hope this information is useful.

What exactly should I write about?
There is no mandated theme or framework; instead, you're free to make anything you think will be of use to our audience. Still, we recommend that you check out our website and think about the resources that are being provided.

In order to become a contributor, how many files do I need to submit?
When you first start contributing, you have to upload exactly 10 resources before you may submit your photographs for review. The button won't be clickable if you try to upload 9. If there are more than 10 resources on the dashboard, the button will remain disabled even if you upload 30 and subsequently pick 10.

What is the best way to submit my work for evaluation?
To begin, you must register for a Contributor account.

Please sign up, review our terms and conditions (contract), supply the necessary information, and begin uploading your materials if you wish to become a "Contributor."

The first thing we'll do is look through your first upload to make sure it meets our aesthetic and quality requirements. For this initial exam, we recommend using only the 10 most helpful tools and concentrating on the types of photographs at which you excel. The profile part of your contributor panel is a great place to provide a link to your web portfolio if you're trying to wow the reviewers.

What will happen if I have 10 of my resources declined initially?

If the initial 10 photographs you submit don't make the cut, you'll get a second chance to revise your work and submit another batch of 10. If these aren't chosen either, and we still decide not to approve you as a contributor, your request will be denied, and your account will be blocked; no further submissions will be accepted. Therefore, it is crucial that you send your most relevant resources for this first test, to show us the quality and technique you are best at, thereby raising your chances of being accepted as a contributor.

How much will I make from my investments?

When you post materials on trendsdesgine, you can earn money based on how often people use them. Please be aware that all user-uploaded photographs will be labelled as Premium.

The cost of a digital image download varies. The following is how your download revenue will be determined:

Earnings in the PPD model are based on a proportion of trendsdesgine's Premium subscribers' net revenue.

This profit is distributed to the contributors based on two principles:

The amount a contributor receives for their work is equal to fifty percent of the net revenue obtained from Premium subscribers who download content in a given invoicing period, divided by the total number of downloads by those subscribers in that time.
Each contributor's per-download compensation will be determined on an individual basis, taking into account the total number of times a given subscriber has downloaded the contributor's photograph during the billing cycle.

trendsdesgine's reimbursement model for a single download throughout a billing cycle is as follows:

Reimbursement for one download is calculated as follows: (Net Revenue from Subscriber X/ Downloads generated by Subscriber X) * 50% revenue share
How do I get paid for the service and information I provide?
When you log into your trendsdesgine Company collaborator panel, you'll see your total income before taxes. The ultimate amount, which will differ for each collaborator due to their individual tax circumstances, won't be known until after the invoice has been generated.

Check this link out if you want to learn more.

What kinds of payments are possible?
Both PayPal and Payoneer are acceptable payment methods for contributors on trendsdesgine. We want to let you know that there is a prerequisite earnings threshold for each payment approach before bills will be issued.

Minimum amount to send via PayPal is 100 USD or EUR.
There is a 50 USD/EUR threshold for using Payoneer.
Unfortunately, at this time only credit card payments are accepted.

Please explain the payment schedule and method.
When making a purchase, your payment will always be proportional to the number of downloads you logged in the two months prior. The money made from January 1 through February 28 is paid in March, the money made from March 1 through April 30 is paid in May, and so on.

Invoices will be issued two months after the minimum amount is reached (50 USD/EUR if using Payoneer; 100 USD/EUR if using PayPal).

Invoices are created on the 4th of every month.
Verification of invoices occurs between the 4th and 9th of the month.
The due date for each month's invoice is the 15th.
As in, who can access the photographs I've uploaded?
Only Premium members will be able to access your photographs after they have been published, as all images submitted by our contributors will be labelled as such.

How safe are my materials from being copied?
Any infringement of copyright by users are taken very seriously. Distributing our visual assets without permission is a violation of our Terms of Service and may result in legal repercussions. If the information is not removed immediately, we will seek legal recourse. When we discover a case of copyright infringement, we follow up with the offending party, if necessary, to explain the legal ramifications of their actions.

Whatever the case may be, please get in touch if you believe that one of our authors has used your work without permission.

Is there a deadline by which I must submit my materials?

You have 50 days from the time your contributor account is created to contribute your initial 10 materials. Your account will be suspended if no transactions are made during this time. However, if you log back into your account, you may easily restore it.

After your initial photographs have been released, you are under no further time constraints to submit subsequent materials. The sooner you get your files to us, the sooner we can get them uploaded, and the sooner you can start making money.

Can I upload any file type to trendsdesgine?

Your Contributor panel accepts the following types of files:

Vectors: The.jpg preview image and the.eps editable file format are required to transfer such files. The names of the two files must be identical.
Photographies: Images should be sent as.jpg or.psd files: The preview picture must be.jpg format, while the editable must be.psd. The names of the two files must be identical.
The primary stipulation is that all artwork submitted to trendsdesgine must be made by the user themselves. Please be cautious and make sure your design is original if you decide to use our site as a source of inspiration. Images created by another designer cannot be used in any way, shape, or form in the resources you share on trendsdesgine.

Keep in mind that a portion of our Team is dedicated to preventing precisely these kinds of incidents, which may result in the suspension or termination of the contributor's account if they occur.

How long will it be before my documents are examined?

Due to the large number of photographs we receive everyday from our contributors, the review of your materials may take up to 10 business days. Although we will usually attend to the content as soon as possible, depending on the quantity of pending resources, there may be times when this revision takes longer.

In addition to the foregoing, we recommend that you include in the projected revision time when delivering stationary content (such as those holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.) to guarantee that your content comes on time and is published in a timely manner to maximise rentability.

At trendsdesgine, what kind of aesthetics are most successful?

Designers are always encouraged to submit information that will be of genuine use to our audience. The goal of your submissions is to provide material that can be included into the work of our users. If more people download it, that means more money for you.

Backgrounds, current events, wedding invites, posters, banners, abstract designs, and more may all be viewed on our site to get an idea of the most popular styles and topics.

Can I send holiday-themed emails (e.g., for Father's Day, Valentine's Day, or Christmas)?

Yes, this is an excellent consideration to maintain. With party-themed pictures, you can expect more people to download your app. Please upload this type of content at least a month ahead of the holiday so that our team has time to assess it and schedule its publication. If you want to ensure that your resources are published on time and rank higher than the photographs of your competitors in the same field, we recommend sending them to us two months in advance.

For what reason were my submissions denied?

The volume of daily resource submissions makes it challenging to deliver individual responses. So, we compiled a list of the most frequent file rejection explanations.

The files' quality is too low to be hosted on our site.
Files that are nearly identical but for a little detail (a change in colour, a tweak to the size, etc.).
There are discrepancies between the files and the agreed-upon criteria (size, titles, tags, etc.).
Your portfolio could be deleted because of a copyright violation.
Don't resubmit invalidated files if you've already sent them for validation. We aren't interested in them if they weren't chosen the first time around.
Sending files related to parties and events at least one month in advance is highly recommended. However, if they don't, they'll be turned down. Files can be resent at the next scheduled time.
This is a generalised list, but if you're interested in reading more about the specific criteria we use to reject vectors, images, and psd during the review process, you can do so here.