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Every year, interior designers and home editors (like me) like speculate on the design trends that homeowners will adopt. A maximalist aesthetic is not for everyone, after all. However, it’s always interesting to see what colour palettes, furniture styles, and other design aspects are now popular. The top 2022 interior design trends are, thus, worthy of consideration.

Self-cleaning bidets for a more opulent bathroom will be popular in 2021, as will other items that combine fashion and function. Everything from bringing nature within to experimenting with patterns and textures and drawing influence from the previous decades is being explored this year.

The top interior design trends they’ve seen so far this year, as well as what to anticipate in the months ahead, were revealed when we spoke with a group of creative interior designers. Think about how you can incorporate their ideas into the design of your house, whether it’s an eye-catching kitchen or a peaceful bedroom. That’s also a lot of fun!

The options for interior design in 2022 are many and diverse. Colours, textures and materials have been updated but the most significant change is in the moods. It’s because when we emerge from the previous two years, squinting into the sunshine, our desires for our lives have changed gradually. The way we prefer to spend our time at home has evolved, as has the function of our dwellings, and this has had an impact on all of our interior design choices.

Designer Lee Broom concurs, saying “how people desire to decorate has lately evolved.” “First, we all want a better attitude, and part of that is conditioning your brain to think more favourably, which you can accomplish by surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. Observe our collective behaviour over the last year or so. For those of us stuck at home, we’ve been getting creative in the kitchen, learning how to create cocktails, and even becoming more connected to a select few through frequent Zoom calls. Now it’s time to put it into practice, and we’re seeing a similar change to the 1970s in favor of hosting parties at home and providing gathering places for people to gather and have a good time. Things like swivelling cocktail cabinets and furnishings that encourage socialising and getting to know one another are all part of the cocktail cabinet trend.”

As far as the trend toward refinement goes, Tara Bernerd, an interior designer, says it’s more easygoing than ever before. Luxury is still extremely essential, but aren’t we all looking for something that is more approachable? Tara has something to say about this. “You don’t have to worry about stepping on anything? People still want their rooms to have a big air to them, but instead of doing a wow design in the living room, we’ll build a trendy media room with less formal, more edgy, and more comfy materials and textures. According to the overall trend, men and women are discovering that they don’t need a tie to look well, and women have mainly given up their heels in favour of sneakers.”



It’s no surprise that we’ve taken the luxury lighting trend outdoors with us as we spend more time in our backyards.

This summer, Ethimo has introduced the Lucerna Lamp, a tabletop accessory designed by Luca Nichetto, as the newest addition to their outdoor product line. However, this isn’t your average garden lantern. You can tell it’s on board with the “new luxury” trend since it’s sleek, modern, and incorporates a little of the past and future into its makeup.

Though named after ancient Roman oil lamps, the Lucerna also combines the newest LED lighting technology and has a dual system with a rechargeable battery and pull-out cord, it is protected by a waterproof anodized metal enclosure available in steel or brass finish. Stylish outdoor lighting like this is hard to come by, so look no further.


Wickerwork, a weaving technique that uses natural materials like rattan, reeds, and bark, is making a comeback in the design world.

And it couldn’t come soon enough. Wickerwork goods provide both elegant status and a sustainable living attitude to those looking for design items and products that tell a narrative and create a sustainable position in the interiors sector. It’s making its impression on the high end to the low end of the market.

In the case of outdoor furniture, wickerwork is an excellent choice. A more refined take on the porch design trend that we’ve all been clamoring for. Designer Gabriella Crespi originally created the Bohemian 72 Collection in 1972, as its name implies. As a result, her unique designs have become a byword for fame and are now being sold at eye-watering high rates (Google at your peril ).

However, Archivo Crespi and Gubi have teamed together to bring the collection back to life. The Lounge Chair, seen above, as well as the 3-Seater Sofa, Ottoman, and Lamp, are all made from rattan trunks and reflect the best of 1970s wickerwork design.


The patterns of irregular carpets are stunning and unquestionably made to be shown on the floor. In addition to their eye-catching prints, these living room rugs all feature an unorthodox form that gives them a fresh take on design.

This year’s top sports all have a sprinkling of “out-of-the-box” thinking, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

The Mala rug, by A Rum Fellow, is one of our favorites.


Seating designs are proving that a more relaxed style may combine comfort and usefulness with high-level refinement and ultimate style-desirability. In terms of fashion trends, Italian designers are leading the pack. Edra, Arflex, Bontempi Casa, and Edra are all-embracing curves as the newest chair and couch trend.

An updated version of Mario Marenco’s original design, the Marenco Outdoor, was created by the Italian design firm Arflex. To honour the 50th anniversary of Arflex’s initial Marenco model, it is available as an armchair, two-seater, three-seater and pouffe. And it would look stunning in a living room as well.


Aqua is poised to be one of the season’s most popular colours, evoking the soothing tones of the ocean.

If you want a cool dose of blue-green brightness, go big with oceanic-toned furniture or go tiny with accessories. You may use these beautiful jars to add a touch of elegance to your mantlepiece or a small side table or cabinet of curiosities thanks to Lalique’s new selected collection.

Sanderson’s Yucca wallpaper, which gets its name from the prickly perennial plant, is a distinctive stripe pattern for walls. Our favourite is the sky/green, but it also comes in botanical green, grey/silver, and charcoal/gold hues. Incorporating light-reflecting inks on their surface, these wallpapers provide a pop of colour to any room.


In the near future, a beautiful new material trend will be characterised by finishes inspired by galaxies. Vanity units like the one seen above, as well as high-end table tops, all sporting a deep blue hue with white and pastel blue veining. Marazzi’s show-stopping vanity unit in a ‘Sodalite Blu’ shade defies anybody not to spring out of their beds in the morning. Collecting the complex features and veinings of marble with 6mm porcelain, the ceramic brand’s ‘Collection Grande Marble’ gives the majestic impression of heavy slabs with efficient light attributes.

The Ilda side table by Poliform has a deep blue Lapislazzuli marble top paired with an artfully formed bronzed metal base. It’s marketed as a coffee table, but don’t you think its jewel-toned blue shade suggests the ideal nightcap for the bedroom?


In the world of art, trompe l’oeil, which means literally “deceive the eye,” is a method or conceit that has been used for ages to show off an artist’s talent while also entertaining the observer. You and your visitors will be amazed by the unexpected comedy it brings to your house, which is a great fit for current living room trends.

This Bonaldo New Perspective Mirror, seen above, plays with depth and perspective to give the appearance of a room beyond the mirror and to provide room for the imagination of the person in front of it. Because they’re created by hand right on the shiny surface, they erroneously suggest another world to the one seen.


Arches seemed to be on the horizon when we created Bert and May’s Arch tile collection earlier this year. And we were correct. The smooth curves of arched doorways are easing the sharp edges that have multiplied for so long in additions and restorations.

Pip Rich, the editor of Livingetc, believes that although arches harken back to Roman times, they still seem surprisingly modern. “Bert and May’s Livingetc tiles provide grandeur and friendliness at the same time, therefore I’m looking forward to using them in my own bathroom remodel in 2022! A room with rounded corners forces you to unwind.”

If you’re redecorating, use it as a theme; if you’re remodelling, use it as a window and door form.


In the world of fashion, Dolce & Gabbana has long been a household name. Now we’re getting a blue and white good-time atmosphere, after cherry patterns and gothic lace.

It’s hard not to picture languid summer days in the Mediterranean while looking at Dolce & Gabbana’s Blu Mediterraneo collection. Pieces that make a statement yet remain effortlessly stylish are now available year-round. The Giacinto armchair, with its dark stained wood legs and chrome feet, the sleek Atena coffee table, and the metal-structured Era lamp set are just a few of the finely created items available. That or just take them all.


As far as 2022 home design ideas go, cool cocooning has been gathering momentum for some time. In-demand right now are squishy couch styles, curving forms, and cosy materials.

Since the beginning of his company, James Mair, founder of Viaduct, believes that clients are increasingly asking for more ‘homely’ comfort seats that include plush cushions and gentle curves.

This book focuses on “comfort, cocooning, and creating one’s own world, whether it be La Dolce Vita of Italy or the hygge of Denmark.”

11. Intricately handcrafted gothic glassware

It’s time to spice things up a little when it comes to the glasses you use for your cocktails. There are smoked vases from Tom Dixon to Waterford Crystal that are both sophisticated and timeless.

This is in keeping with Lee Broom’s earlier comment about the desire to host people in luxury when he discussed the cocktail craze.


Injecting a vibrant burst of colour that contrasts with conventional brickwork, glazed exterior tiles give an eye-catching cladding choice for contemporary home addition ideas. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this high-quality finish has long-lasting durability and low maintenance requirements, allowing it to last for more than 150 years.

Director of Beasley Dickson Architects Melissa Beasley adds that glazed exteriors are “unexpected and cheerful,” defying the standards of London home renovations. Because of this, “they meet the demand for ornamental facades, offering a chance for a distinctive, created and personalised exterior.”


In 2022, expect to see a niche but attractive interior design style based on a sophisticated interpretation of the humblest of materials. The tide has turned. Straight-edged hardwood furniture alternatives should be phased out in favour of more fluid curvy designs. As the head of Mauvais Garcon’s homeware

department, Max Depret explains, “The 1970s impact we’ve seen on the runways recently has obviously transferred into the interior world, and we are very much inclined to see curves and colours coming back into our homes imminently. Look out for these additional accessories to bring out some je ne sais quoi in your house, from trinket trays, vases, pillow coverings or our wavy mirror!”

14. It’s called “red earth.”

In contrast to the more popular white ceramics, red clay has a distinct warmth to it. It’s common to equate red or ‘brown’ ceramics with coarse pottery, but this new generation of earthy vases and pieces has a refinement and a current artistic edge that make them avant-garde, making them more contemporary. For your living area, you should look for gentle bending lines, an unglazed finish and an attractive handmade raw honesty.


Vacation across the globe seems like a dream come true. With Arte’s new Gitane Collection, you’ll be able to get exactly what you’re looking for. Themes that include Thai elephants, African weaved baskets, and Italian floral fields are just a few examples of the adventurous designs on display. However, it’s this beautiful Emperador artwork featuring a busy royal setting and lush palms that inspires us most.

Longing for some kind of far-away-ism lies at the heart of these themes, according to artist Pip Rich: “We’re all looking for a little escape.” When it comes to this vivid design, what’s interesting is that it’s going from simply being a cloakroom notion, which has long been a location for bold prints, to the major rooms of the house.”


Get in touch with slow life by incorporating natural materials and tactile textures into your home in a palette of peaceful neutrals. One of the largest living room ideas of 2022, this mindful home style is balanced, thoughtful, and sensory stimulated.

Dried flowers, colored and dried grasses, and fresh and fake house plants all work together to blur the lines between the outdoors and the inside of our homes.

Natural materials will be used more often in the design of furniture and décor in 2022.’ Even in social areas like the living room, tranquil, nature-inspired hues and textures will become increasingly prominent in the coming year Anna Franklin, a Milwaukee-based interior designer with Stone House Collective, thinks that ‘earthy textures, organic forms, raw materials, and plants will all be features that anchor the house for design durability” (opens in new tab).

17. Shades of the Sanctuary

Colors in muted tones that suggest the wonderful glow of twilight have a calming effect and may be used in a wide range of settings.

The creative director of Earthborn Paints, Cathryn Sanders tells the New York Times: ‘Color is a strong method to create an atmosphere in any house, a mood that corresponds with how you intend to feel when spending time in that specific space. Our Lily Lily-Rose is a sweet, fun shade with a lot of depth, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any outfit. To unwind and unwind, this lovely color will create an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

“Scandi-inspired” advice on how to win at winter well-being is provided by Catharina Björkman, lifestyle expert, Contura(opens a new tab). The place where you feel safest is your own home. One of life’s greatest pleasures is the knowledge that one can return home to a peaceful haven. You may make a room seem more spacious and welcoming by painting or wallpapering it in neutral tones. Adding soft furniture with different textures, such as rugs and blankets, can give the area more depth and comfort. Candles, soft lighting (lamps and fairy lights instead of ceiling lights), blankets, pillows, and warm slippers all contribute to a more zen-like atmosphere.’


This isn’t exactly a shock, is it? A dining table that doubles as a home office workstation is nothing new. Multifunctional furniture, which is ideal for houses with limited space or for people who like additional functionality, will continue to be a contemporary home mainstay.

As a result, single-purpose rooms are becoming extinct, and it’s time to maximize the space we have at home. Modern room-dividing strategies, such as the utilization of multipurpose furniture and clever storage solutions, are here to stay. Consider using the available vertical space in your room to your advantage by adding shelves, ladders, and platforms to your decor. Mirrors are a terrific addition to any room since they not only look good, but they also serve to reflect light and widen tiny rooms, according to Marc Epstein, head of CARME Home’s interior design division (opens in new tab).


In reaction to the shelfie trend on Instagram, beautiful DIY vases and containers have emerged, showing abstract shapes and sensuous curves in a wide variety of cheerful and breezy hues and patterns. You can instantly change your sideboard or shelving unit with a family of zany and wild figures.

‘In interior design, the finishing touches are an essential component. With new materials and unusual designs, vases will be wow-factor items by 2022, according to interior design specialists Milc Interiors, who predict that vases will become more than just decorative pieces (opens in new tab).


Japanese aesthetics and Scandinavian utility are combined in Japandi. Hygge may be described as any environment that exudes coziness, comfort, and a general feeling of well-being. Wabi-sabi is the Japanese notion of finding beauty in imperfection; whereas Wabi-sabi is Scandinavian.

Japanese blossoms, cranes, or interlocking geometric patterns may provide an ethereal calmness to your home, so keep an eye out for these themes.

“Teien was inspired by the simplicity and beauty of the Japandi movement,” says Paula Taylor, color and trend expert at Graham & Brown(opens in new tab). It evokes a meditative state of mind by evoking a timeless aesthetic. Japan’s minimalist influences and touches of the Orient make this ideal for creating the Japandi ethos.

“I believe that simplicity will dominate as the key to our interior design in 2022,” Ben White, a design specialist at Swyft, said in an interview. In light of the fact that many individuals continue to work from home, the concept of decluttering is now more relevant than ever. If you don’t have a lot of room in your home, you’ll need to get rid of any unneeded furniture and clutter.’

21. Glass lighting

Statement designs that explore personality, form, and function will dominate the future of pendant lighting in 2022.

A rich warming tone, with variations in color and texture, makes the use of glass in lighting more exploratory. Glass may be utilized to create absolutely show-stopping centerpieces in any home or business area, from ridged design to a significant trend for 2022, to bubble-like spheres. According to Ian Cameron, the creative director of Cameron Design House, ‘glass arrangements will get louder and prouder in the next year’ (opens in new tab).

22. Pentecostalism in the twenty-first century

In response to the more frenetic pace of contemporary life made possible by technological advancements, the cottage core theme will take on a more modern pastoral feel by 2022. More color block pastels and contemporary checks than shabby chic ditsy flowers are the way to go for a modern twist on a country-infused design.

A growing number of individuals are opting for more conventional pour-over coffee machines, which take longer and involve more work since the method itself is a charming way to begin the day. The trend of creating a slower, more idealized existence for oneself, with comfort and warmth as the primary factors, will likely continue, according to Jessica Hanley, creator of Piglet in Bed (opens in new tab).


Soft, cocooning curves provide our interiors with a feeling of security and aesthetic flow thanks to their curvy appeal. Why not paint a wall arch to lighten your design while also providing a modern dimension?

Formal couches and cut-out chairs, as well as ornate metal accents, provide immediate panache to any room. Textured neutrals and new abstract artworks are used to soften monotone palettes and highlight the curving contours of the human body, according to Dunelm’s design director, Debbie Drake (opens in new tab).

‘As our world gets more sculptural, rounded and organic forms are emerging in various industries from architecture to vehicles, as well as in more ordinary products,’ explains Robert Stephenson, creator of Sedilia(opens in new tab). In order to explore and develop this style, upholstered furniture is a great choice because of its versatility.

24. Hues of the wild

Wind-down and reset with tints evoking the most breathtaking vista as an antiphysis to ever-busy work-life stresses, and restore equilibrium with organic naturalness.

A color scheme inspired by the sand and sky of the Mediterranean is used to create a fresh Mediterranean look. Color consultant Lisa Miller of Crown Paints says that customers are still drawn to earthy tones and grounded colors like browns and tans (opens in new tab).

‘We may be helped by fully immersing ourselves in the vastness of space with all of our senses. Color consultant for Crown Paints, Justyna Korczynska, says, “Reset your equilibrium with this relaxing color palette of soothing blues and mild warm neutrals.


If you’re a social-media-savvy interiors fan in 2022, you’ll still be talking about how to dress up your table. With a smorgasbord of artisanal serving ware, colorful linens, and frivolous blooms, these table settings are sure to keep the conversation going.

According to design experts at MatchesFashion, ‘when we welcome visitors back into our homes and gardens, our emphasis shifts to the art of table decorating’ (opens in new tab). Tableware, tablecloths, and glasses from various manufacturers and brands, all in matching color schemes are essential to creating a rustic but polished tablescape. Tabletop sales have increased by 47% this year, with Plates taking the top spot and Placemats and Tablecloths seeing the greatest rise at +168%.’

“Table dressing will continue to be tremendously popular with hand-crafted plates, matching mats, table cloths, and candlesticks in multiple sets to ring the changes,” says international interior designer Penny Morrison(opens in new tab).


In 2021, sleep wellness was all the rage, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. As we actively embrace a more attentive approach to life, consumers and businesses are focusing on creating the perfect sleep experience.

Luxury linen and “well-bedding” are predicted to be the next big thing by fabric entrepreneur Sonal Keay, This is Linen(opens in new tab). “Lockdown has focused its attention on the house and filled it with the finest quality textiles that bring physical and sensory advantages – I like to call it ‘well-bedding,” she explains.” Natural and sustainable textiles, as well as supreme comfort, are what consumers are seeking for in their beds. I love linen because it meets all of these criteria, plus it’s also lovely to look at.

Consider incorporating a green theme into your bedroom to further enhance your sense of well-being.

As a result of its link with the natural world, the color green symbolizes growth, rebirth, and harmony. In light of the continuous chaos caused by the pandemic, it’s not unexpected that green has been selected by a number of paint firms as the year’s hue of 2022. Instead of repainting the walls, there are a number of methods to incorporate the current color scheme into your existing home decor.

Faux plants allow you to bring the outdoors into your home without having to worry about maintaining them. You’ll receive all the calming greenery you want without having to deal with the hassle of caring for actual plants. Adding a fashionable planter to your artificial plant can boost your home decor while maintaining a natural look and feel. according to Madison and Mayfair’s design experts (opens in new tab).


This year, we’re taking what we learned from lockdown and applying it to the interiors to make the most of our outside areas year-round. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your outdoor spaces this year. It’s going to be a bright, comfortable, and incredibly trendy time for outdoor living areas!

According to Wayfair’s resident design expert Nadia McCowan Hill, “Maximalism is crucial for giving year-round warmth to our gardens and balconies regardless of the weather” (opens in new tab). Bright colors, clashing designs, and upbeat décor will keep you out long after the sun goes down. Get cozy with a drink next to the fire as you’re surrounded by vivid fabrics and warm lighting.

To keep up with this new normal, individuals are seeking ways to generate a sense of comfort that works both inside and outside. Sien & Co-creator Alex Gibson adds that adding depth to our living spaces is essential; including warm hues and rich textures as well as softness is key for that feeling of comfort and normality, particularly as we begin a new year with the epidemic still with us’ (opens in new tab).

When it comes to cabin fever, they’ve been there for us through thick and thin, so it’s only right that they get the same luxuries we do. Decorate your dogs’ abode like a high-end hotel room with adorable scaled-down versions of stylish homewares for pets.

‘Creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in your house isn’t simply beneficial to people!’ Toys that are nearly as adorable as our pets, such as a little velvet couch pet bed, or eccentric pet beds, are all part of the novelty trend that both we and our pets will enjoy, according to Wayfair’s resident style expert, Nadia McCowan Hill (opens in new tab).

What will be the most popular design style in 2022?

Interiors are becoming more tactile, and sustainable-sourced materials and production processes are making strides toward a more attentive, considerate, and conscientious house, as seen by the growing popularity of texture discussions.

From walls to furniture to décor, the texture will have a moment in the house in 2022. There will be a comeback in Venetian plaster and plaster walls and a shift away from velvet in favor of more dynamic materials such as boucle and corduroy as people attempt to create depth in new ways. Due to the rise in the number of neutrals, this will likely become a popular trend as well. Given the limited palette, an interior designer with the firm, Channa Alvarez, believes that unique textures might be an unexpected approach to spice up a room (opens in new tab).

In 2022, Ben White, a Swyft design and commerce specialist, predicts that environmental stewardship and organic design will be critical. Sustainability and the usage of organic materials have recently gained prominence. The interior design business and our own houses have been influenced by the growing awareness of global warming in the general population. Furniture made from recovered woods and accessories made from recycled glass and metal will become more popular as a result. As a greener way to outfitting the house, we are seeking furniture that has a story to tell and is upcycled, vintage, or repurposed. There is no longer a need to waste money on frivolous home furnishings and decor.

For the year 2022, what is the most popular color?

Colorful designs inspired by nature are helping homeowners feel more secure in their ability to use color in their homes.

Burnt orange is one of the bright colors that will be popular in 2022. Warmth and elegance can be added to any room with this terracotta-inspired hue. ‘Invite this hue into your home with a variety of room accessories,’ says Amy Hillary, an interiors content writer at (opens in new tab).

Amy goes on to say that sage green is a popular choice for living rooms, restrooms, bedrooms, and other spaces. This earthy, relaxing color is perfect for painting walls and accessorizing with wood pieces.

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