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How to use  DALLE 2 to produce stunning AI art

(Image credit: The DALL·Ery GALL·Ery)

(Image credit: The DALL·Ery GALL·Ery)

Getting the most out of DALLE 2’s AI art generation is now easier than ever. DALLE 2 might seem confusing at first. DALLE 2’s creators have now revealed that they’ll be launching the platform in beta with a new credit-based model in the next few weeks as they broaden access to the AI art generator. DALLE 2 may now be available to individuals who have been on the waiting list (possibly over a million people!). However, there is now a price to pay.

First unveiled in April, DALLE 2 has been making headlines because it seems to be the most sophisticated AI art creator ever. In the meanwhile, some artists and designers have learned to use the power of AI to their advantage, despite some people’s legitimate concerns.

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It’s DALLE 2’s turn now. Text-based instructions are used to produce art using the programme. You just write in what you want, and DALLE will do the rest. It couldn’t be simpler. There is a chance, though, that the outcomes might be a bit erratic, and that can be valuable in learning the best methods for generating the desired outcome. New DALLE 2 prompt books are available to help. Check out our list of the finest graphic design software if you want to stick with the old school method of creating your own work; alternatively, keep reading to find out more about how to get started with DALLE 2.

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How to use DALL·E 2

DALLE 2’s idea is straightforward. AI will generate a picture based on a description you provide up to 400 characters long, such as “an astronaut riding a horse in an impressionist manner.” However, everyone who has used AI art generators knows that the results may be a bit – err – odd if you write the first thing that comes to mind. As a consequence, there is now a DALLE 2 prompt book that gives some helpful tips on how to word the questions.

The DALLE 2 prompt book(opens in new tab) was created by Guy Parsons and released on the AI art website the DALLEry GALLEry, and it serves as a visual resource to inspire your own works utilising the AI art generator.

The 82-slide tutorial explains how to get DALLE 2 to do what you want. It offers advice on everything from photography to painting-like portraits and landscapes, cinema and illustration styles, historic art forms, and 3D art, as well as suggested adjectives for achieving the desired atmosphere or arrangement. Even the kind of lens used is a consideration when it comes to photographing a subject. It serves as a resource for illustrators by showcasing various aesthetics, mediums, and textures. It also demonstrates how to incorporate art historical styles into your own work.
When it comes to the tool, the authors of DALLE 2 have no idea what it is or isn’t capable of. Instead, users must figure out what it is capable of and how to make it do what they want it to.. Make it clear if you want a close-up or a certain viewpoint when describing your vision. You should also be aware of the possibility of many interpretations of the same adjective, such as changing the overall appearance of the photo or a particular aspect, such as how the figure is clothed.

How to use  DALLE 2 to produce stunning AI art
The prompt “a picture of a fox resting in a field at daybreak in the manner of Claude Monet” is used to illustrate the differences and similarities between DALLE 1 and DALLE 2. (Image credit: OpenAI)

It’s doubtful that your first attempt with DALLE 2 will get the results you want. However, the prompt book also demonstrates how to change photographs by providing new questions for certain components. It also demonstrates how you can use DALLE 2 to merge multiple images into a single image.

Although we haven’t used the programme ourselves, the results it produces are remarkable enough to warrant a closer look. For the time being, we believe that the tool should not put any artists out of job, but rather that it may be used by creatives to their advantage. Anyone who has managed to get their hands on the AI tool will find this new prompt book to be an invaluable resource. As a refresher, here are some more specifics about the tool.

What is DALLE 2 about?

Using machine learning, DALLE 2 creates text-to-image AI art that has sparked outrage and admiration online (check out our selection of the oddest DALLE 2 AI art). Open AI developed it as a generative tool, which means it can both make new art and edit or modify already created material. In reality, it has no idea what it’s making, but it makes educated guesses based on the vast library of 650 million picture and caption combinations that it’s previously been given.

A combination of the names “Dali” (as in Salvador) and “WALL-E” from the Pixar film “WALL-E” inspired the name. There has been a lot of work put into this version since the previous one produced blurry photographs and took a long time to process.

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Even while text-based prompts are often used in generative AI art, it is by no means unique. Collage-like design meets text prompts with Artbreeder-style prompts in Artbreeder-collages. When it comes to AI art, the uncanny valley effect is a common problem. DALLE 2 looks to have avoided this problem.

Is it possible to buy DALLE 2?

Since its inception, DALLE 2 has only been available to those who were invited to do so. About 100,000 users have been granted access thus far, according to Open AI. DALLE 2 is currently in beta, and the business plans to greatly increase the number of beta testers over the next several weeks and into August. Millions of individuals will be granted access, and the language implies that this is not the whole list of those who are now on the waiting list.

What’s the deal? The usage of DALLE 2 will no longer be free of charge. A monthly credit limit and the opportunity to purchase more credits will be provided to all customers (see below). In the meanwhile, you may sign up for the DALLE 2 waiting list on the official website and hope to be one of the 1 million lucky individuals who obtain access to DALLE 2 during the following month.

How to use  DALLE 2 to produce stunning AI art
The prompt “a picture of a fox resting in a field at daybreak in the manner of Claude Monet” is used to illustrate the differences and similarities between DALLE 1 and DALLE 2. (Image credit: OpenAI)

Is DALLE 2 available for free?

Until now, OpenAI has offered free access to DALLE 2 to a small group of users, but the company has announced a credit-based system in advance of making the beta version of the platform available to the general public.

A limited number of free credits have been made available to new DALLE 2 users so that they may use them to create a variant of an image, alter a picture, or generate an image (new image generations return four images; edits and variations three).

In the first month, 50 credits will be supplied, and each month after that, 15 will be refilled. 115 credits costing $15 will be made available to those who want to upgrade their accounts (enough to generate 460 images). OpenAI has extended an invitation to artists in need of financial support to submit an application(opens in new tab) for subsidised access.

Where can I get a free DALLE 2 replacement? The answer is yes, there are a number of free AI art generators. While we’ve already highlighted Art Breeder-Collages (which is still in beta), we were equally impressed with DALL-E small, which is now known as Craiyon and Stable Diffusion.

How to use  DALLE 2 to produce stunning AI art
If you’re interested in creating original art or modifying previously-posted work, you may do it using DALL-E 2. (Image credit: OpenAI)

What can you do in DALLE 2 that you can’t in DALLE 1?

Restricted access has contributed to the buzz around DALLE 2, although the game has not yet been made accessible to the public due to ongoing testing and development. Checks and constraints on what may be created in DALLE 2 are part of that.

As a result of policy adjustments and breakthroughs in “bias and toxicity” mitigation, OpenAI claims it is now prepared to begin increasing access to the platform. DALLE 2 will now produce photos of individuals that “more truly represent the variety of the world’s population” if race or gender is not provided in the text prompt, according to the business, which made the adjustment this week.

Image submissions of actual people, including politicians and celebrities, or images that closely resemble them will be rejected, according to a statement by the company. According to OpenAI, DALLE 2 cannot be used to make visuals that portray self-harm, offensive symbols, or unlawful behaviours, for example. Despite this, it said that it has both automatic and human monitoring measures in place to avoid this, as well as to prevent DALLE 2 from memorising faces that show often online.

Is it possible to make money off of DALLE 2?

Photos made by DALLE 2 were formerly restricted from being used for commercial purposes by OpenAI. This has changed in the beta version, which grants “complete use rights” to images generated by the platform. In addition, the right to sell and reproduce the photographs and to use them on goods is included in this.

How to use  DALLE 2 to produce stunning AI art
(Image credit: OpenAI)

DALLE 2 AI was used to make this picture, but how can you tell?
Images produced using DALLE 2 are shown.

Whether the picture hasn’t been cropped, you can identify if it was made using DALLE 2 since it has a signature in the lower right corner that appears like a row of coloured squares. Take a look at the above illustration for proof.

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