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Air Canada is Canada's largest airline and has had several iterations of its logo throughout its history. Here is a brief overview of the Air Canada logo history:

  1. 1937-1964: The first Air Canada logo featured a red maple leaf with "Trans-Canada Air Lines" written above it.

  2. 1965-1992: In 1965, Trans-Canada Air Lines changed its name to Air Canada and unveiled a new logo. The new logo featured a red maple leaf with the letters "AC" inside it.

  3. 1992-2004: Air Canada modernized its logo in 1992, replacing the red maple leaf with a stylized red and white design that featured a stylized letter "A" with a white triangle on top of it.

  4. 2004-2017: In 2004, Air Canada redesigned its logo again, retaining the red and white color scheme but featuring a simpler, more streamlined design. The new logo featured a red maple leaf with a bold, sans-serif "Air Canada" written next to it.

  5. 2017-Present: Air Canada's current logo was introduced in 2017, marking the airline's 80th anniversary. The logo features a stylized red maple leaf with a bold, modern font for the "Air Canada" name.

Overall, the Air Canada logo has evolved over time, reflecting changes in the airline industry, design trends, and the company's own branding strategies.

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