Chroma Palette Photoshop Plugin

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a free Photoshop plugin that enables you to save up to 180 unique colours for quick recall.

Appropriate for: Photographers, graphic artists, web designers, etc.
Supported by: Photoshop CS5+
Cost: Free
a really helpful plugin for anyone who works with colours. With the help of this plugin, you may change the colour gamma on your Numpad or Keypad and save up to 20 colours for up to 9 pages, giving you instant access to 180 distinct colours.

The one drawback of Chroma Palette is that it needs a Razer Chroma device to function, which might be cited as its one drawback. Leaving this circumstance aside, Chroma Palette will enable you to quickly recall and show the necessary colours by just hitting the corresponding keyboard key.


a total colour storage capacity of 180 colours (20 colours per page, maximum of 9 pages);
navigating pages using NumPlus and NumMinus;
using the NumMultiply button to switch between the background and foreground colour palettes;
a Photoshop color-capture button that may be used with any color-palette button.
Additional buttons can be toggled to access more palettes.
hotkey highlighting in Photoshop.

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