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The Tesla logo is a stylized letter "T" that is often referred to as the "Tesla T". It was designed by the company's co-founder, Elon Musk, who wanted a logo that was simple, elegant, and distinctive.

The logo consists of a horizontal line, which represents the ground, and a vertical line, which represents a pole or mast. The two lines are positioned in a way that creates a forward-pointing arrow, which symbolizes progress, speed, and innovation. The logo is typically featured in a silver or metallic finish, which gives it a futuristic and high-tech look.

The Tesla logo has gone through a few revisions over the years, with the most recent update occurring in 2021. The updated logo features a slightly wider and more angular "T" that is meant to reflect the company's focus on technology and sustainability. The new logo also features a new font and a deeper shade of red, which is meant to be more vibrant and energetic.

Overall, the Tesla logo is a simple but effective design that has become an iconic symbol of the company's commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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