Experts predict these 2023 interior design trends.

1.Eco-friendly homes

Eco-friendly homes

In 2023, Kuo predicts, customers will build “naturally stylish and affluent” settings. Acrylic will give way to organic, layered textures to increase tranquillity.

Kuo expects a minimalist approach that combines basic designs and natural materials, causing “consumers to seek for refined wovens like cane and earthy wood alternatives like mango wood and oak.”

As customers and home professionals campaign for greener houses, sustainable design will stay front of mind, supporting renewable materials like wool, cotton, bamboo, linoleum, and cork.



Interior design that considers an owner’s brain and body is developing.

Interior designer Leslie Banker & Co.

thinks people will consider how a home’s design makes them feel and how it might make them feel better,

healthier, and more productive.

Color and lighting may alter mood and productivity. In 2023, all design choices will focus on the link between a home’s health and happiness, says Banker.

3.Vibrant colours

Vibrant colours

Deep reds, browns, and greens are in 2023. Meredith Ellis Design predicts red lacquer libraries.

With everyone travelling again, she sees people being braver about bringing red into their homes.

Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Color of the Year is Raspberry Blush.



Older generations choosing to downsize, move, or rebuild will continue to influence interior design.

These houses appeal to “grandparents who are selling the home where they raised their family, relocating closer to their children, and establishing a magnet house for their grandkids,”

says Kyle Lissack, president of Pinemar Inc. These houses include indoor pools and bowling lanes, says Lissack.

5.All-white kitchens return

All-white kitchens return

Designers and architects describe a tendency toward separating the kitchen and living room. In smaller areas, maximising light and creating an airy sense is crucial, and white, a neutral and reflecting tone, is a fantastic way to do this.
Annie Tullett, sales designer at Tom Howley, predicts a white kitchen trend in 2023. “Three years ago, we wanted our houses to look, feel, and perform differently. spend more time at home, it should be roomier, lighter, and brighter. White kitchens grasp the art of illusion, making tiny spaces appear larger.”

6.The use of stencils and borders for decoration

One of the most original 2023 trends will be borders and stencilling, which will delight fans of conventional wall covering. This revival of traditional craft, which finds its inspiration in historic architecture, reflects our growing admiration for the finer things in life.

Annie explains that the cyclical nature of fashion is to blame for the recent surge in popularity of interior design elements that make references to the 1930s era.

“Stenciling is reminiscent of Art Deco and Art Nouveau murals and stamping traditions.It’s no wonder that we’re always finding new uses for stencils, given how easy they can add a whole new dimension to your painted furniture or even walls.”


interior design trends 2023

Wild Wonder, a gentle golden neutral, is Dulux’s colour of the year for 2023, therapeutic’sunset colours’ are trending more broadly. Tones evocative of the setting sun are helping to “create a warm and nurturing mood,” says Helen Shaw, UK marketing director at Benjamin Moore.

8.Staying Power of Nature-Inspired Spaces

“Nature-inspired finishes and fittings will remain popular,” she believes. We’ll see tranquil greens and blues inspired by nature.
“People are bringing the outside in,” she adds. “They want baskets, plants, and natural wood tables. Many end tables are live-edge or large stumps. Bringing the outside in nurtures our spirit.”

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